When considering the right care facility in Tarzana, picking out the best one for your family can be a challenging task. While most may have a promising website to attract you, choosing the perfect one may require a little more homework.

Being in Tarzana, you have a few options in town and outside to choose from. So when choosing the best care facility, make sure you remember the name Medi-Cal (California Medicaid): Assisted Living Waiver Program, a care home facility in the state of California. This facility pays for your home care, so knowing the eligibility criteria is necessary before looking for the right home. Here is a brief guide to consider when on the look for one:

How Long Will It Take Me To Choose One?

The time it may take for you to pick the best care facility may vary. Some can explore their options, while others might not have the luxury of time to pick and choose. Regardless of your situation, do not go for the one you come across first. It would help if you still asked around the hospital staff for options or directly contact care facilities for quick tours. 

Some people arrange for independent care while others might take the help of local authorities or social workers to reach a decision. 

What To Look for When Considering the Best Care Home? 

Knowing exactly what kind of facility you are looking for is crucial, and mostly this area is overlooked. It would be best if you considered the resident’s needs before you enroll them in a facility. The different facilities are nursing care, dementia care, residential care, nursing dementia, or a home that caters to specific health conditions. 

Another aspect to look at is the age of the people in the care facility. Every facility does not tend to the elderly. If you need guidance to choose the appropriate facility, speak to the management of the center you are approaching to confirm if they are the best fit for you or not. 


The reputation of a care home matters and helps decide the ideal one. You may also search the internet for testimonials to check what people say on different social media platforms such as their website or Facebook. In addition, there are resources online with websites such as Medicaid that require your postcode or state to assist you with finding more options. The ratings there can help you decide the quality of service they provide. 

Prepare a set of questions, and you can further consult the facility to enquire further until you are satisfied. 


Things You Can Do

  • Surprise Visit – You can pay the facility a surprise visit and see how they welcome you. Good facilities will provide you with a warm welcome and happily give you a tour of the center. This way, you can see how they carry on with their everyday care for their residents. 
  • Queries – Ask away. Questions are important and help get rid of any grey areas in your mind that might be bothering you. Write down your questions. Your queries can be about what the facility expects the residents to bring along, what their routine will be like, and any other minor details. Ask whatever you would want to ask if you been the one enrolling yourself there.  
  • Food Service – check out their menu or ask about their food services. In addition, you may tour the kitchen and ask the staff whether they can cater to the specific diet requirements of the residents. 
  • Staff – You may ask if the staff will help the patients with their dressing (in case of some disability), if the medications will be given to the person by the staff or if the staff assists the residents if asked. Ask what the resident is to expect from the staff once they move in to clear any confusion. 
  • Happy Residents – Joyful inhabitants are a sign of a good facility. Ensure the staff working around is also as friendly as the one giving you the tour. You can observe the behavior of the staff towards the residents. 
  • Meet a resident – Don’t shy away from asking if the facility will connect you to a resident for the time being so that you may ask them about their experience there at the facility. The best care homes will not mind letting you meet one.
  • Environment and Accessibility – The environment must be more suitable for the person coming to the facility. If they have any mobility issues, make sure you check if the building is disability-friendly.


If you can get the resident to visit the facility center with you, there is nothing better in determining their outlook. Knowing the opinion of the person who is to be a part of that environment is important. Many good facilities offer you to visit a few times before you make the decision or before you decide to move in so that the resident is familiar with the place and doesn’t feel alienated the day they move in. 


Looking For The Ideal Home?

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Note: Make sure to read the California Assisted Living Waiver guide to know more about the state rules and regulations for the care services according to the state of California.