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What to Look For When Searching a Care Home in Tarzana

Nursing Homes in Tarzana

Finding a second home with a new family can be challenging, whether it be for someone you care about or yourself. Care homes or nursing homes around your area may be plentiful in number, but choosing the right one will involve some background checks and a visit.

Although your doctor and friends might have suggested a few options for you in the neighborhood; Here are some specifications to focus on when searching for the best care home in Tarzana:


Proximity matters as it increases your ability to visit your loved ones and stay in touch with the staff on duty. The closer the nursing home is to friends and family, the more visits they will pay, and the staff will also stay attentive in providing the best service possible.

Visiting Policy

Ask the facility to brief you regarding the visiting and communication policy. How should you contact the resident? When can you visit? Can you visit in person, or will you be sat behind a window to meet your loved one? All these questions are important to consider when touring a facility within your vicinity. With the global pandemic, rules and regulations of these care homes have been revised, so make sure you contact them and find out what that entails.


Even though it’s hard to find a place to replace the homey feeling, it should not be very uncomfortable for the person either. Find a place that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but the rooms inside feel comfortable. Ask for a tour of the facility and check all the short- and long-term rooms and offices to note the level of cleanliness and comfort. If the atmosphere feels warm and welcoming, most likely it will feel the same for the new resident.


Assuring the safety of yourself or your loved one is of utmost importance. Therefore, the infrastructure and equipment in use must be in great working condition and should not pose a danger in any form in the near future, such as worn-out furniture, walls, curtains, etc. In addition, emergency numbers, interphone facilities, and fire extinguishers must be available in every room. The residency must also have functioning surveillance cameras and security doors to ensure its residents’ safety.

Tip: When visiting the facility, ask for all the evacuation doors and exits in case of emergency.


The facility must not be understaffed while still taking in more residents. Inquire about all the professionals needed in an emergency or regular checkups, such as general physicians, trained and experienced nurses, physiotherapists, wound care specialists, and family counselors. Do not shy away from ensuring your loved one is well cared for at the nursing home in your absence.

Apart from having enough in number, it would help if you also made sure the place has staff retention. You must ask how long the staff around there has worked for and if there are any new team members, if so, how many. This can give you a clear picture. If there is a heavy staff turnover, that means staff is unhappy, decreasing the reliability of the staff service.

Tip: Ask the administration or staff if a single caregiver is assigned to a resident or has a rotation policy. Consistent staff assignments are an indication of security and better care for a vulnerable person.

Care Provided

When taking a tour of the facility, connect with the provider and ask them about their job. You may also request to see a few staff members and talk to them. Finally, ask if there is a possibility of speaking to the residents to understand the care better. Chances are, the better the facility, the better chance for them to agree to all your requests.

Moreover, you can be vigilant and observe how commonly shared areas operate, the entertainment room, and surrounding areas to see how the residents behave and how the attitude of the staff is towards the residents. Of course, the staff must be respectful of the residents and address them politely.


Just as one focuses on picking the best school for the kids, choosing the best nursing home is a bit similar in this aspect. The better the facility, the more physical, social, interactive, and educational, and meaningful activities it will provide. Thinking about this as a home away from home, you need to check whether the resident will have a wholesome experience living there, such as an area to walk around, exercise, eating area, an entertainment room with games and books to read, wheelchair facilities, and helping out with small chores around the center. The center must have an activity director that plans and looks after this aspect; try to talk to them and ask them specific questions that you had jotted down on your phone before the appointment.

Decision-making Power

Being at a nursing home in no way should indicate a robotic life or a life with no decision-making power. A care home should provide its residents the power to make small decisions such as their dress for the day, their eating routine, what activities they want to take part in, and when. All these decisions will make the residents more comfortable and at ease as you do not want to strip them of the liberty to make small decisions for themselves for their everyday life.

A great way to go about the query session is to ask them about your loved ones’ routine. This way, you will get to know about all the necessities such as bathing, eating, and entertainment time, without missing out on anything. Feel free to write down your queries beforehand, and don’t hesitate to inquire in case of confusion as you want to ensure the facility is capable of taking good care of you or your loved one.

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