Skilled Nursing Facility Boise

If you are interested in receiving top-notch rehabilitation care in one of the best skilled nursing facilities in Boise, contact Valley View Nursing and Rehab for a free in-home evaluation today. Our team of elite nurses, technicians, and patient care staff have created one of the best nursing homes in the United States! That is why Valley View Nursing and Rehab has one of the best assisted living ratings of all rehab nursing homes! At Valley View Nursing and Rehab, you will discover that we have created a warm and welcoming environment that fosters recovery. Being tended to by our compassionate staff means you can rest assured that either you or your loved one will be in good hands at Valley View.

If you Google “Nursing Homes Near Me,” you might be surprised at how many results you get. Just keep in mind that not all nursing rehabs are not created equally. When you choose a rehab, be sure to visit and tour the facility in-person. This way, you can see how the staff interacts with the patients, what the nursing home is like, and if it would be a good fit for you or your loved one. Here are three reasons why Valley View Nursing and Rehab is the best skilled nursing facility in Boise:

  1. Valley View Nursing & Rehab Has the Top Reviews

    Just ask our past patients what they think about us! Our treatment model and our staff are what make Valley View Nursing and Rehab a gem within Boise. Valley View is a prime choice when you are looking for a rehab that will be caring for yourself or your loved one. Here, we have the resources, equipment, materials, tools, accommodations, amenities, and training to give our patients an advantage in recovery. The convenience, comfort, and well-being of our patients are among our top priorities at Valley View Nursing and Rehab. Proudly, our reviews reflect that! Feel free to read them yourself.

  2. We Have the Best Inpatient Physical Rehab Facilities

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a skilled nursing facility in Boise that provides better speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. This is because Valley View Nursing and Rehab has the cream of the crop in technology and modern therapy treatments. You will find the finest staff and recovery programs at Valley View Nursing and Rehab.

  3. Valley View Nursing & Rehab Accepts Medicare

    If you search online for “nursing homes near me that accept Medicare,” you might be surprised that there are a lot of private rehabs that don’t accept Medicare. Valley View Nursing and Rehab is proud to offer skilled nursing services for people in recovery who seek to pay using Medicare. Our Medicare patients are covered for up to 100 days in rehab.

Schedule a Tour at Valley View Nursing and Rehab

To learn more about our therapy services and facilities, give us a call or read more on our website. Better yet, why not schedule a date for a tour of our facilities? Contact Valley View Nursing and Rehab today to get the care that either you or your loved one needs.

Skilled Nursing Facility Boise

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Skilled Nursing Facility Boise

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