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A Complete Guide to Board and Care Homes in Valley Glen CA

Assisted living for seniors

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Do you have a parent who is aging and needs assistance? Are you starting to look into Board and Care homes in California?

Assisted living can provide improved health care, socializing opportunities, and a healthier lifestyle for your loved one. Many have wonderful benefits you wouldn’t have thought about before.

Here’s what you need to know about finding live-in senior care in your neighborhood.

What’s the Difference Between Assisted Living and Board and Care Homes?

Assisted living care provides housing for seniors who want to live an active lifestyle. They also, however, require help with some of their daily living activities.

The needs your loved one needs help with may include bathing, eating, grooming, or medication management. Meals are restaurant-style, and activities are based on the interests of residents.

Your loved one may be able to take language classes or participate in art or music sessions. They may enjoy working out, storytimes, or board games. Gardening, sewing, or arts and crafts are also available.

Your assisted living facility may also provide transportation to local outings. These could include shopping, museums, and local theater.

Board and Care homes are similar to assisted living homes, but they’re typically smaller. Patients can benefit from more individualized attention.

As with assisted living, activities and transportation to appointments are provided.

Board and Care Homes are often family or individually owned. This means owners are more personally involved in the lives of patients than they are in larger settings. Residents enjoy the home-like atmosphere.

What Are the Benefits of Senior Care Homes?

Moving a loved one into Assisted Living can seem like a big step. There are, however, certain benefits you need to consider as you make this decision.

Believe it or not, social isolation can do more than just make your parent glum. It can also increase their risk of health problems, including depression, heart disease, and even dementia.

Senior Care facilities are staffed by positive, friendly folks who can help combat loneliness. It can help seniors develop relationships with their peers while they learn new activities. If your loved one is spending the larger portion of their day by themselves, an assisted living or Board and Care situation could have excellent benefits for them.

You’ll also have the assurance of knowing that your loved one’s needs will be attended to regularly. If you or your spouse or siblings are unable to provide help with hygiene or dressing, you won’t need to worry about finding last-minute care. Assisted living facilities provide trained care, which is especially reassuring in case of emergencies.

Your loved one can also concentrate on fun and independence in senior care facilities. Unlike they were at home, they won’t be concerned with the housework and cooking that consumes much of their time.

When your loved one is around others who have a positive attitude and want to develop new hobbies, their happiness level will quickly increase. Assisted living is a great way to make sure they are getting the affirmation they need.

How Do I Find the Best Assisted Living in Valley Glen, CA?

Valley Glen is a great neighborhood for families and seniors because of its pleasant mix of urban shops and suburban feel. Coffee shops, restaurants, and parks make it a comfortable place for active seniors to go on outings and make friends.

One great way to find the right assisted living place for your loved one is to do a little online research. Find out about the lifestyle options in each facility, as well as the types of services available.

You’ll also want to think about the type of accommodations that will make your loved one the most comfortable. Royal Gardern Board & Care Homes, for example, provides an upscale home-like setting with homemade meals and a pleasant community. It’s also quite close to a community park.

Before settling on an assisted living facility or Board and Care home, make sure you ask for at least three references that you can call up and ask about their experiences. Happy residents will tell you about quality care, fun activities, and attentive service.

How Do I Afford Senior Care for My Loved One?

The cost of senior care can seem daunting at first. You should, however, look into all of your options before you make a decision. Generally, the cost of senior care at Board and Care homes is more affordable than it is at Assisted Living facilities.

Medicaid, for example, may pay for part of the costs of a facility that assists with memory care. Private insurance and Medicare can also help offset the cost.

It’s important to have these policies set in place before the need for live-in care arises. You can also think about tacking on a rider to a life insurance policy that your loved one already holds. Some folks also consider leveraging their home loans are taking out reverse mortgages.

If your loved one has VA benefits, they may be eligible for an increase in monthly pensions that can help meet your monthly payments.

If you’re considering long-term care for your loved one, it’s important to start looking into your options for making it affordable.

Assisted Living in Valley Glen

If you’re loved one is in need of long-term senior care in Valley Glen or Valley Village our assisted living facility or Board and Care Home can provide them with the active socialization and assistance they need. It will also give you great peace of mind to know they are well cared for.

Don’t stop looking for quality senior care in Glen Valley now. For more information on Board and Care services, contact us today.

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