Addition Recovery In Newport Beach

Newport Beach Recovery Center attracts adults from all over California, thanks to our facility’s comprehensive addiction treatment approach. Out of the endless selections for Newport Beach rehabs, clients should consider our recovery center because we provide tiered addiction treatments. With our staircase program design, clients can enter medical detoxification treatment to soothe intense withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol or substance abuse.

Medical detox treatment provides around the clock supervision and access to immediate medical care if needed. It is true that other rehabilitation centers in Newport Beach also offer medical detox, but our detoxification program is far superior because we eliminate the potential dangers of withdrawal. Clients prefer Newport Recovery Center’s luxury amenities, scientific-based techniques, and aftercare program above other Newport Beach drug and alcohol rehabs.

Our treatment center’s staff warmly embraces clients looking to make changes in their lives. Addiction is a disease that requires medical and mental treatments to maintain sober and healthy. The first step toward sobriety is the most challenging to take, but a supportive network of resources awaits you at our deluxe addiction treatment in Newport Beach.

Ultimate Addiction Recovery in Newport Beach for Men and Women

After clients complete medical detox safely, they move to our six-bed inpatient program to continue treatment. You should consider taking advantage of our holistic and factual therapies and review our line of treatment options. Working with an addiction specialist will offer new resources, educational information, and reconditioning tools to avoid triggers or relapses. Clients control their treatment paths by consulting with our team of certified experts to develop customized therapies and goals.

Newport Beach Recovery Center is within proximity to sandy beaches with panoramic views. The peaceful setting, inviting atmosphere, and successful programs testify to the superiority of our treatment center.

From the main lobby to inpatient bedrooms, clients will find upscale décor that radiates opulence and luxury to ensure maximum comfort. You won’t find a more qualified clinical addiction treatment center in Newport Beach, California.

Outpatient Programs and Sober Living Community Homes

Addiction managers will recommend outpatient programs and aftercare therapies to assist clients who’ve finished medical detox and inpatient treatment. Outpatient programs we offer include weekly meetings and support groups, but we also provide intensive outpatient rehab for people who can’t commit to inpatient treatment. At Newport Beach Recovery Center, outpatient and aftercare treatment also includes sober living and community housing programs.

Sober living homes provide safe environments for recovering adults to build new and healthy lifestyles, in addition to building structured daily routines. After battling addiction, people find it challenging to integrate into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The sober communities teach life skills clients can utilize to better their lives and avoid addictive triggers or practices.

It is Never Too Late to Seek Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Newport Beach Recovery’s staff doesn’t classify clients as hopeless cases because we believe in every client’s indomitable will to succeed. Accredited addiction professionals are readily available to help you or a loved one get the help needed to beat addiction. Today, please call us at 1-855-316-8740 to ask questions or learn more in-depth information about our ideal addiction treatment center.

Addition Recovery In Newport Beach