About Us

About Us

Prior to opening Royal Garden Board & Care Homes, Sophia had a long-standing career and years of experience in elderly care. But in1999 she fell in love with the thought that she could offer a superior standard of living for aging seniors that wasn’t available or even being offered. So in 2000 she opened  Royal Garden Board & Care Homes to fulfill her dream of offering the utmost in care within a loving home environment to seniors. “I always wanted to create an atmosphere for my guests that I myself would want to live in. Otherwise, I never would have opened my doors.”  Sophia and her qualified staff painstakingly make sure that all the residents are pampered and doted on. “I love making sure everyone is happy and supported, that way they can truly flourish.”


Royal Garden Board & Care Homes is a family-owned business. Our team is run by Sophia, owner, her husband Alex,  Administrator, and daughter Rada, who has an MA in psychology. All of Sophia’s family and staff focus on building solid and trusting relationships with all of our senior residents. Royal Garden Board & Care Homes employ only qualified employees, with a superior experience and a caring heart.  Our goal has always been to make sure our guests know they’re part of our family.

Royal Garden Board and Care are Luxurious and Comfortable Homes


We offer beautiful living quarters, with secured perimeter and 24-hour professional staff to care for the individual needs of residents, such as                     

Ambulatory/ Non - Ambulatory

Alzheimer / Dementia

Incontinent Care 




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