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7 Reasons Assisted Living in Tarzana Is Great for Your Elderly Parents

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There are currently more than 46 million seniors living in the United States, and this number may double within the next few decades. As a result, the need for assisted living for seniors has never been higher. Assisted living communities offer medical care. But they also allow seniors the freedom to live a near-independent lifestyle. This begs the question: Could assisted living Tarzana be the right choice for you or your senior parents?

This guide will explore why assisted living facilities in Tarzana might be an excellent choice for seniors.

1. Professional Care Is Always Available

One of the primary reasons an assisted living facility might be suitable for you or your loved one is access to professional care.

Staff members can help with personal care tasks like bathing, dressing, and eating. They can also provide helpful medication reminders. Staff is also available to help residents move around comfortably in their homes.

Professionals are also available to provide specialized care services and consistent health checkups. If a resident requires immediate medical care, they’ll receive the support they need. Staff members are always available to help.

2. Nutritious and Delicious Meals

Seniors may struggle to prepare and cook healthy, tasty meals for themselves for several reasons. Getting to and from local grocery stores can be challenging for those with limited transportation options. Finding the right ingredients can be tricky for those with mobility issues, dementia, or Alzheimer’s.

Retirees prone to forgetfulness may also leave the stove or oven on for several hours. This tendency can be a dangerous situation that leads to injury or property damage. But seniors in assisted living communities don’t need to worry about preparing wholesome meals.

Assisted living facilities offer high-quality meals designed to suit each resident’s dietary needs. These meals can be delivered directly to a resident’s home or provided in a communal dining space.

3. Pets Are Welcome

Some assisted living communities aren’t open to pets, but Royal Garden Board & Care in Tarzana welcomes pets with open arms. Residents are permitted to bring their pets with them when moving in. But there’s also a resident dog available for all homes!

This pet-friendly attitude ensures that residents can always enjoy animal companionship. Seniors that own or interact with a pet can also enjoy several other benefits. These benefits include increased physical activity and decreased feelings of depression or loneliness.

4. Transportation Services Are Included

Moving into an assisted living community doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from the outside world. Tarzana care for the elderly includes transportation services. These ensure seniors always have the option to visit their favorite local restaurants and shopping centers.

These assisted living services also make it easy for retirees to visit doctor’s offices and visit nearby family members. So, residents can enjoy being chauffeured to their favorite destinations. This is the freedom that assisted living facilities provide.

5. Specialized Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Caring for an elderly loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be a full-time job. It can also be an emotionally painful experience for family members. Seniors with these conditions may forget their loved ones’ names or faces.

More than 3 million adults (aged 71 or older) have dementia, and almost 6 million seniors with Alzheimer’s. While a cure for these conditions isn’t yet available, specialized care is accessible. This is especially true of those living in an assisted living facility.

6. Exceptional Community-Wide Security

Keeping seniors safe is one of the top priorities of any assisted living community. But Royal Gardens Board & Care takes security to the next level. Not only are staff members trained in CPR and First Aid, but each home is equipped with an alarm system and a First Aid Kit.

These communities also feature secure perimeters. These ensure that residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s don’t accidentally wander off the property.

Additionally, staff members are available every day, at any hour of the day or night. So, if you or your loved one needs immediate medical assistance, they’ll receive the care they need right away.

7. Less Stress for Everyone

Maintaining a home can become frustrating, challenging, and expensive as we grow older. Deciding to move to an assisted living community alleviates many challenges seniors face when living independently.

After all, assisted living communities offer on-site laundry services, easy-to-access cable television, and transportation services. As a result, retirees no longer need to worry about tedious tasks like paying their car insurance or cable bill.

They also don’t need to struggle with heavy loads of laundry! But assisted living communities not only make the lives of seniors more manageable, but they can also grant peace of mind to loved ones.

If you’re the child of elderly parents, you’ve likely experienced sleepless nights worrying about the well-being of your senior family members. But when your loved ones are living in an assisted living facility, you can put those worries to rest.

That’s because one of the most significant benefits of assisted living is constant medical and personal care, as well as 24-hour surveillance and security.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia won’t go missing when staying in Royal Garden Homes in Tarzana. They’ll also receive specialized care designed to help them cope with these conditions.

The move to assisted living might be one of the most stress-relieving choices you ever make.

Visit a Tarzana Nursing Home

Assisted living Tarzana could be the best option for seniors, especially those requiring daily medical or personal care. Unlike retirement homes of the past, Royal Garden Board & Care offers multiple opportunities for seniors to remain active community members.

Royal Garden Homes are secure, surrounded by beautiful environments, and full of friendly staff members who are always available to help. If you’re looking for a relaxing senior-friendly home for yourself or loved ones, these properties are bound to impress.

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