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7 Assisted Living Options You Should Know About

assisted living options

Every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65. Like any new phase of life, your senior years will likely come with changes. For some couples and individuals, those changes may include new assisted living options like a Tarzana nursing home.

Assisted living actually encompasses a wide range of settings and facilities. Some elderly care options allow for significant freedom while others may only allow limited freedoms to move about. Below, we’ll explore seven assisted living Tarzana options so you can know what to expect when looking for Tarzana care for the elderly.

1. Independent Living Communities

Retirement villages, active adult communities, and independent living communities all share certain features in common. The communities offer residents amenities like golf courses and restaurants. They often allow for excursions as well. 

The option is great for adults who want to remain independent yet free from chores like cooking. The cost of living in these communities ranges from $1,500 a month to $10,000. 

2. Assisted Living Communities 

Assisted living facilities, also known as ALFs, are designed to help seniors who require help handling daily tasks. ALFs are staffed 24 hours a day with employers who have been trained to help elderly residents. 

Residents at an assisted living facility require help bathing, dressing, and using the toilet. The environment inside an assisted living facility is restrictive. Residents may not be allowed to walk out of this type of assisted living community alone, for example. 

The communities are often required to pass state regulations. Many ALFs allow residents to bring their pets.

3. Nursing Homes

Once someone requires monitoring 24/7, they will need to explore nursing home options. Staff design nursing to assist individuals who have significant health conditions. Dementia is one common condition that can require a relative to admit someone to a nursing home.  

Any nursing home will have trained medical personnel to watch and aid residents. Nursing homes are one of the most restrictive senior living options. 

Due to the heavy involvement of nursing staff, nursing homes are often quite expensive. Out-of-pocket expenses can run around $7,500 a month or higher. Medicare only covers nursing home costs under certain.

Medicaid is often what pays for long-term nursing home care who have limited income. Veterans may qualify for nursing home benefits through the VA.

4. Aging in Place: Tarzana Care For The Elderly

Aging in place is the general term for older adults who remain in their homes or with relatives. This setup can be ideal for adults who are relatively independent and need minimal help. 

Aging in place allows in-home caregivers, maids, meal delivery services, and other senior services to help the aging adult. Homes can be modified to accommodate wheelchairs, bathroom grab bars, medical alert systems, and other forms of aid for seniors.

Another benefit of this option is the relatively low cost of aging in place. There typically is a higher burden placed on family members and friends, though. 

5. The Village Concept

The village concept works with aging in place to provide senior citizens with a model that links neighborhoods and businesses together. This option is ideal for adults who do not want to leave their homes. 

Help comes from able-bodied village members who act as liaisons or concierge service providers. Members of a village are expected to pay an annual fee of around several thousand dollars in return for yard work, transportation, and other forms of help. 

6. Life Plan Community 

Some communities allow for a blend of independent living and nursing home care. The idea is to provide residents with the option of staying in one central community even as their needs grow. 

A typical life plan community is part independent living community, part assisted living community, and part nursing home. As adults age, they can transfer from one to the other as needed.

Life plan communities are one of the more expensive options for long-term care. Entrance fees and monthly fees are a part of the program, and those fees can increase as the need for care increases.   

7. Subsidized Housing

There are federal housing programs in place that can subsidize the rent of seniors. Some programs are designed to stabilize senior rent. 

While the option is financially feasible, it can be hard to navigate subsidized housing programs. A housing counselor can help. The counselors work for the Department of Housing and Urban Development or nonprofits. 

Assisted Living Tarzana Considerations

Don’t wait until you’re 70 to start planning for assisted care. Many people put off discussing or planning for the late phases of life because they are afraid of going to a nursing home. Many people believe that nursing homes are the only real option for the late stages of retirement but this is simply not true. 

There is no one-size-fits-all option for assisted care. Each senior comes with different needs. If you are helping a relative, take a look at their medical conditions. Your relative can undergo what is known as a comprehensive care assessment to determine what care options will work best for them. 

Learn More About Your Tarzana Assisted Living Options

There are assisted living options nearby that are right for you or a loved one. Finding the right options takes a little research and reviews of Tarzana care for the elderly.

If you are looking for a Tarzana nursing home or some type of assisted living Tarzana option, let Royal Garden Board & Care Homes help. We offer a wide range of personalized services so your loved ones can live a fulfilling life during their senior years. Contact us today so we give you a tour of our luxury homes and amenities. 

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